Thursday, June 11, 2009

True Mood Swing

Mood Swing: Hmmmmp!!!
Listening to: Sounds of my fave games by Big Fish.
Saying: This bread must be donated to dogs as treats...

Look at this bread at the top no not a bread but a picture of bread. Do you think it's delicious, yummy, your tongue is salivating and you think that you want one of my bake breads. Nah! Your wrong because I hate this bread because it's not well cook and I hate the smell of it. I'm so wrong that I make a puff that I don't understands the measurement. Oh! common I can't cheer-up myself to bake another one this week. What I want now is just stay in my room and be with my laptop till 2:00am in the morning[shhh... please nobody will tell my mama and papa :D] ok so well its about 11:52 of this day and I'm kinda energetic to play my new fave game it's farming and I love it. You can download Big Fish games at isohunt... It's free. Well I have some piece of adviced this evening here it is:


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