Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Mood Swing: I want my midnight snack!!!
Listening to: The whirling of my electric fan.
Saying: Con-ass must die...

I woke up so early, not because early bird catch worm[gross!], it is because I have a meeting in our school and we will going to meet our SPO [oh my gosh for the second time] ok here's the true story well just read;

9:00 am - I woke up so early my mama asked me why and i say I have a meeting, well i have my own money to spend for that meeting so I don't have problem.
10:00 am - Chitchat with my mother, oh common I'm going to be late.
11:00 am - I'm still here in our house then finally...
11:30 am - I rode a jeep going to Manggahan my first stop.
12:16 pm - I finally arrive in our school fully equipped with handkerchief and mask[in my bag]. I was that so paranoid about the H1N1 virus. Well prevention is better than cure. ;D
12:41 pm - Aha! Kinda late for the meeting because we have some briefing with Kuya Gene.
1:00 pm - Oh! Gosh were so late but fortunately we attend the meeting the SPO permit us to enter the conference room.
4:00 pm - Yey! Finally the meeting was over that was so nose bleeding, it's like I'm running out of my English words. Yikes!
4:20 pm - I went to my fave Japanese Store Reseller and bought my self again some cute stuff. And also a things with Japanese touch and paid about 155php.
5:00 pm - I went to Waltermart[not the WALMART where you can buy walls-Paris Hilton]. I bought some school things for my brother. Then afterwards I treat my self with Zagu my all time fave shake. Then thats it common I'm Tired and I go Home.
5:40 pm - Thanks to God I'm safe with no H1N1 Virus...

Oh by the way I forgot to tell you guys, why is it my photo blog here is about con-ass. It is because after I'm done buying things in my fave Japs store I've seen this small rally in the corner near Walter Mart Dasma and I took some picture of them. And actually in my mind I was already rallying about the fact that our government wants to pursue that damn things con-ass and I obviuosly see to be the tactic of Gloria again to the nTH time to run for 2010 Election. Ok! How and why, if the Con-Ass get the permission to proceed it process and ratified the new constitution I will surely tell you guys our democratis country will turn into parliamentary and them the Pres. Gloria will run for congresswoman in Pampanga and hello she ca win this I sure you garci I mean guys. And then that position can be turn into Prime Minister[= President]. Oh common guys don't permit this to happen.


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