Tuesday, June 2, 2009

KiKa Cookies

Mood Swing: Perfectly Fine ;D
Listening to: Let's Talk About Love by Celine Dion
Saying: It's raining outside so stay inside.

Guys! Here's the cookies that we baked. It's so good that it turned out like this, I design it with frosting or icing what so ever you called it. I drizzled Paris sayings the xoxo and loves it!. I also include my fave song of her, Stars are Blind. I'm happy that I know how to do this thing, baking. Kim and I is planning for our next big thing, I want a cupcake or cake. She prepare cupcake. It's a little bit challenging but we know we can make it by the power of my oven hahaha!!! I'm loving my new oven for it helps me in doing my baking session. For now I'm eating my baked cookies with pink colored icing, it is so sweet. I'm going to bake again cookies maybe for a special occasion and I'm also planning to do some of it for my classmates. Ohhh! before I forgot I called it Kika Cookies, because of my nickname kat and kim is the nickname of my cousing who's with me during the baking session. iIt's kinda tiring day but I'm loving it for I learned another lesson, baking.

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