Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Mood Swing: KIDooodle 0.O
Listening to: Drops of the Rain by Mother Nature
Saying: Be happy it rain for there will be a rainbow.

I have my new bag and new things for the coming school year. I bought different things like my Tokidoki bag, my bag is full of cute things such as;

♥ tokidoki pencil case
♥ japanese girl composition notebook
♥ my new notebook inspired by Bantay Kalikasan
♥ Hello Kitty notebooks for my schedule
♥ my cute keychain, onigri rice
♥ my ballpens and my ID

This past few days, the weather here in our place looks like a mood swing of Mother Nature. Like this morning, Mr. Sun greet with a great sunshine but how bout this after noon after we've finished buying our school things it looks like there was a hurricane out of the window of the mall the rain was so heavy and everyone will only stay in the mall and wait until the rain will stop. And going home my brother and I have sightings, we've seen many sign in road broken, argh! so bad weather. By the way, I forgot to buy new umbrella again,again,again for the nth time, I always forgot my umbrella anywhere else. I think I almost lost 5 umbrellas in one year. Who can beat my record!!! Ok for now bye, I'm going to update this by tomorrow.

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