Monday, June 1, 2009

Observe Silence

Mood Swing: Happie :D
Listening to: You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
Saying: If your happy, paint your room rainbow.

Yehey!!! Finally I have my new blog again, yes again because for this time I'm going to use this
blog for my everyday life. Maybe sometimes I'm not going to update this daily due to my hectic school schedules but I will see to it that I will have my post every week of the month. The name of my blog is Silent Room. Why? Maybe because I almost spend the half of my life in this rainbow colored room. Whoa! kinda sound boring, obviously YES! but believe or not I can maximize my time doing such creative things like graphic designing, blogging, also chatting I'm fun of changing my YM pic. every second or minute, what else cleaning my room. My room always get messy, I have loads of stuffed toys, I'm going to post it here someday. Well that's the story behind this Silent Room blog of mine. This afternoon I going to have a baking session with cousin kim and I feel so excited how we can have our sugar cookies and what it looks like. I also planned to make an icing or should I say frosting, because it may add a good look for our cookies. I will give an update about our baking session by tomorrow and for now I just wanna feel thankful to God that I have again this wonderful life. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward for some blahgista friends here at blogger or to other blogging site.

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