Monday, June 15, 2009

Green Grin

Mood Swing: Happy ever green!!!
Listening to: Green is the new color for Star Fish *
Saying: If you have the chance don't let it go. Run for it not run after it.

Greenie!!! the new expression... It's my first day of school, tadah!!! And I was so excited not because I might be thinking that our class will be again suspended due to H1N1 virus but it was because again for the Nth time I going to be with my friends. Whoah!!! we miss each other so much, we need to talk and a whole lot day is not enought for it so the continuation will be tomorrow for sure. Well I did an accomlishement and that will be a secret for now. I announce it as COMING SOON. So be intrigued for is that COMING SOON. Well I have my first assignment in our Operating System Subject for your info. I was a Computer Science Student. Then when I got home from mall [hahaha mall for the 1st day of school], then I did my assignment and I've tutor my beloved brother on his assignment. After that a have a break[foodie 0.0]. Oh what a good greenish day I have plus the rain, for now I'm loving the rain because I bought an umbrella, guess it was it is also color green. Asking why I like green this day coz, ANIMO LASALLE Go GREEN for environment. So want green, here are the list related to green:

☻La Salle
green tea
☻Mc Float Green Apple
☻La Sallian Star
☻Patrick the Star Fish[his short is green]
☻Green Minded[no not the one you are thinking. huh!]

Ok bye for now, I included my 4th year 1st sem.,1st school day picture here. I hope I like it hahaha ok ok ok 1st I like my self hahaha nurcessist no I'm not. Hey don't have fun with my pic. Hehehe be kind :D

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