Sunday, June 14, 2009


Mood Swing: Just fine!!!
Listening to: Patrick the Star Fish[he confess he's gay]
Saying: If you have fish don't go to mall...

Ok, let's clear everything about this post. This was me and my brother, we both love having fun at the Fun House we love the games and arcade there[those machine can actually take away you be careful ;D]. BROSISM is the official name of our bonding time, I just created it and loving it. So BROSISM rules. And I love my brother, my beloved brother as I called him. :D Here's the picture of the machine I'm telling to you guys.

Here's, the machine that needs most of your money just to function and give you a good price. Of course if many coins will fall then many tickets you can get. And hello!!! we get about 300+ tickets and we have a bonus of 30 tickets because we just get that pyramid like paper and boom!!! instant 30 tickets... We will go back their sometime with us, BROSISM!!!

I hate the guard in one of the malls here in our place, he pissed me off. He prohibit us from getting inside the mall, just b'coz we have fish in our luggage. Without explaining WHY? he just blocked the doorway for us to enter. Grrrr... So the ninja kid came out of me I hide the fish in my bag then I get inside to the nest door. Well I'm a rule breaker for this time. Mah! I need to buy our merienda[food] for that time and my brother is so hungry. Well ok forgive him, he just follow the rule and another well we have our merienda. [wink;D] Sorry!!!

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