Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Mood Swing: T-i-r-e-d...
Listening to: Rain[it's raining outside)
Saying: Love love love...

I went to the mall before I go home. I bought some arts materials for my brother, for he's going to have art class by tomorrow. So what I did, I got to school supplies botique and bought those pens and papers. And here's the real stories:

I'm going to the counter to pay for what I've got then suddenly this cute things [pictured above] caught my attention. Oh what a lovely work of art, you know guys it so wonderful craft. Actually is has a background music buy turning/rotating the wheel, and it sounds so great. But unfortunately I can't buy those cute things cause it's so splurge it cost about 217.00php and I don't want the price, I hope I can have it for a lesser price. Oh this day was tiring day, I got cough and worrying about my condition. I think I should seek advice to my doctor. Bye.

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