Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drape Cardigan

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Dear [insert your name here],


My birthday is almost so close to come. So I have something to say, a favor. Can see that picture above, yah that one that cardigan there color gray and love. Can I have a favor to buy me only 1pc. of that cardigan and that will kill me with joy on birthday. It can be your bday present for me or a surprise. Thanks. And wait for your assurance in exchange, I will try my best to be so nice this year.

With my sweetest word, PLEASE!!!



I also love sewing machine even the cheaper one. Thanks[sigh]

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



Name: Purple
Age: Young
Talent: Lovable
Fave: Smile Thing
Job: To make me smile

P.S. I make this vector image of my fave toys Purple. So don't copy paste and alter anything in my own image and property. thank you :D xoxo katie take care everyone...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

To Do List

Boys Over Flower

Mood Swing: Happy
Listening to: Paradise by T-Max BOF OST
Saying: A happy girl wants a happy ending.

Boys Over Flower (花より男子 Hana Yori Dango) is a Japanese shōjo manga series by Yoko Kamio. It was serialized in the bi-weekly anthology magazine Margaret, which is aimed at high-school-age girls. The manga series ran continuously from October 1992 to September 2003, and was collected into 37 tankōbon volumes. In 1996, it received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo.

After watching the whole BOF, I was pretty amazed by the story, it was so unique even the other country like Taiwan done it in movie action. The character were s good and fascinating they all carry the character so perfect. The set and all in all production is so very very good. Oh well how I wish that Go Jun Pyo is so real, but I know Lee Min Ho is enough for it. Go Lee Min Ho. Aja! Geum Jan Di. xoxo kath.

Ah well the two picture were on the Episode 25 the last scene. The proposal of Gu Jun Pyo and the F4 with Geum Jan Di. Saranghe

Friday, August 7, 2009

So In L♥VE

Mood Swing: In L♥VE
Listening to: I Know (Instrumental)by Lee Jung
Saying: Love is something that you do good things to other.

How many nth time that I was fall in love, but this one is anything but rare and unique. I just felt that my classmates, friends,brothers and sisters in Christ are the missing piece of me, they love me for who I' am and what I've gone through. Guys if you read this post please leave a comment. For how many years I've been with my friends this is the only solid time that we share our own thoughts and own experience with trust in each one of us. How wonderful that God move us that God gave us the time. God is so Divine that He can make this all possible... I love you God thank you so much. :D Miss you Guys...