Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank You For This

Mood Swing: Excited :)
Listening to: Silence of the Night by Mother Nature
Saying: Be with in communion and in peace. - Bp. Luis Antonio G. Tagle

Finally, we have our grades in our portal and I'm so excited for it. I hurriedly open my portal and charan!!! I was so suprised I got this grade 3.75. Oh Lord thank you for being so kind to your children. I hope that my classmates got high grades too. Thank you I can sleep so very well... Well I'm thankful for our Summit Media Supervisors from ISD Ms. Raquel and Ms. Vangie and also to Sir Kiko, Sir Chris and Ma'am Mags for allowing us to explore our knowledge about handling different task to their office. Thank you so much and to my friends and classmate. I miss you so much for we will have our graduation next year, maximize our time and share love to one another. i love you guys, take care and GOD BLESS ;D

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