Wednesday, June 24, 2009


[Copyright is for Stepmom, thank you for the movie]
Mood Swing: Crying...
Listening to: Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Saying: Love you mother...

After I wacthed this movie "STEPMOM", all I want is to hug my mom and feel the emotion that I was so lucky I have her at my side, even I'm so crazy many times. Mom if you read this or may be not, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAMA... This movie almost watered half of my tissue, I'm lucky I have tissue on my side, because may be my laptop maybe filled with that so called tears of realization. A realization of how family is important to a person like me a daughter. I love my family. And for those who who regret their family oh no! men you're so wrong, love them so please hug them now. Thanks for my friend Stevenson M. Que for recommending this wonderful story of a family. So what are you waiting for download this movie or rent a cd. Go... :D

Before anything else I love Julia Roberts...

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