Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baking Session

Mood Swing: Rainy Mood >.<
Listening to: True Colors by MYMP
Saying: Be strong KAT!!!

I was so afraid about my nightmare, this past few months I've been hunted by snakes in my dream and I felt so bad waking up and I couldn't catch up any sleep whenever I wake up. I told my mama and papa about it and said it's just a dream and they told me that I'm in the year of snake. But I don't think so that I it was connected in the year I was born. By the way the same morning, my cousin Bianca was here till night, she played all around are home, dance like a crazy doll and slept with me in my own room and bed. She scattered my toys all over my room before she catch up into sleep oh well after that she fallen. Again there was a heavy rain this afternoon. Bianca woke up and was so afraid about it. She asked me to leave the room and make her a favor. Well I make a clay out of flour and cornstarch of course with water. She baked many shapes like star, moon, trees and heart. Here is the picture how jolly she is during her baking session, she used real baking tools. "Look ate I have white hands" she said with smile in her face. What a cute and jolly kids she reminds me of my childhood.

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