Friday, August 7, 2009

So In L♥VE

Mood Swing: In L♥VE
Listening to: I Know (Instrumental)by Lee Jung
Saying: Love is something that you do good things to other.

How many nth time that I was fall in love, but this one is anything but rare and unique. I just felt that my classmates, friends,brothers and sisters in Christ are the missing piece of me, they love me for who I' am and what I've gone through. Guys if you read this post please leave a comment. For how many years I've been with my friends this is the only solid time that we share our own thoughts and own experience with trust in each one of us. How wonderful that God move us that God gave us the time. God is so Divine that He can make this all possible... I love you God thank you so much. :D Miss you Guys...

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